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Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Mileage

So, I realize that most people who are training for a marathon (or just running seriously) have weekly mileages that look like my monthly totals, but it is what it is.

I completed the longest run of my life this month, lost six pounds, and got through the first month of teaching and taking classes at the same time, so I'm just going to check September off as a success. :)

Someday, I'll hit 100 miles in a month.

September 1

1 mile, downtown loop

September 2
1 mile, treadmill....with no TV. I forgot about this little tidbit when we cut the cable.

September 3
1 mile, courthouse loop

September 4
0, Made up on Sept. 5

September 5
15 miles, Take the Lake
1 mile, bridge and back

September 6
1 mile, lake, to bridge and back

September 7
1 mile, courthouse loop

September 8
0, Made up on Sept. 14

September 9
2 miles, downtown and back

September 10
1 mile, courthouse loop, fast

September 11
1 mile, driveway in the dark

September 12
5K, Historic Mooresville, 25:57

September 13
1 mile, to Amish mailbox and back

September 14
1 mile, courthouse loop
1 mile, treadmill

September 15
5 miles, Lowes and back

September 16
1 mile, treadmill

September 17
1 mile, courthouse loop

September 18
1 mile, around with hubby

September 19
0...to be made up this week

September 20
13 miles, to Lowes and back, two courthouse loops (while trying to get down my power gels), to downtown and back, and around the neighborhoods...though not in that order

September 21
1 mile, courthouse loop

September 22
1 mile, treadmill

September 23

September 24
1 mile, to church choir and back

September 25

September 26
20 miles!!! (Y'all...I know I'm slacking during the week, but this makes up for it, right?) Lowes and back, 3 courthouse loops getting down energy gels/beans and water, to football stadium and back, extended Grandma loop, and McDonald's and back...though not in that order.

September 27-30
Nothing but walking around the neighborhood with the hubby

May Total: 43.5 miles

June Total: 50.5 miles

July Total: 76 miles

August Total: 49 miles

September Total: 75 miles

Total Since May: 294 miles

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  1. Congrats on a successful September. Now you're on a roll!