Just to let you know- this blog is no longer active. I'll be keeping up my 101 in 1001 list until its completion, but will not be writing new posts. You can read the post below if you want the long version. Thanks for the journey to all my friends in the blogosphere!

101 in 1001ish

**Edited January 2014: Obviously, after I stopped blogging, I also completely disregarded my promise to come back and maintain my 101 in 1001 list, although I do stumble upon it once in a while as I have this evening...and found that I at least made some homemade cinnamon rolls and bought glasses.  Three years later, most of these items are still goals, although at this point in my life- with a toddler, work, and school and everything in between- the organ lessons, care packages, and the like are not top priorities.  Oh well.  So, I'm still letting my list float around the internet, even though it's six months past my deadline and this blog is dusty and abandoned...but perhaps by the next time I check in I'll have framed my diplomas or something. (August 2014- checked in and actually just framed my diplomas!  Got to knock off a few more too!)**

After seeing this idea (101 goals to be accomplished over 1001 days) across the blogosphere, I was immediately enamored.  (I'm a little list/goal obsessed.)  I opened up a word document and have been throwing in ideas here and there for the past couple months and have now arrived at 101 goals! These are across the spectra of seriousness, practicality, and achievablity, but isn't life like that anyway?  

You'll see some blank spaces.  There are actual goals for those numbers, but they are either too private, silly, or irrelevant to make the public list.  Some of them may be revealed at their completion and some will stay hidden forever!
Here's the key:

In Progress

Starting Date: Monday, January 10, 2011                

End Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2013

As of August 2014 (Clearly, way past deadline...but still):
Goals Complete: 43/101
Goals In Progress: 19/101

So without further ado, here's the list:  

2. Run another half marathon.  (Battleship Half Marathon-11/4/12)  
3. Complete another triathlon. (Swam in a tri relay in Sept. but holding out for the real thing.) 
4. Get back to my healthy weight
5. Complete another fun race like Warrior Dash or Great Urban Race. 
7. Bring home my bike from my parents’ house. (It made it to the lake- almost here!)  
8. Try working out before work at least 15 times.  (1/15)
9. Complete Take the Lake Extreme. (Planning for August 2013...not happening 3 months postpartum.)
10. Run 100 miles in one month. (April 2011) 
11. Complete another daily running streak.  
12. Run a 5K under 25:00.
13. Break 4:30 in a marathon.
14. Break 4:15 in a marathon.  
15. Run a holiday race.  (Ran the Mt. Mourne Christmas Elf 5K on 12/24/11- Counting it, but I still want to run this someday.)

16. Complete portfolio.
17. Finish my master’s degree. (Graduated 5/14/11)
18. Clean up class website. (Don't have a classroom website anymore, but I've created and "cleaned up" enough websites since then to count!)  
19. Finish the paper required for my graduation.
20. Purge my classroom of materials I haven’t used in the past 4 years of teaching.  
21. Organize my file cabinets.  
22. -                               .
23. Write another (or 4!) grant(s). (October 2011)
24. Complete paperwork to verify completion of scholarship requirements. (August 2011)  
25. .
26. Frame my diplomas. (August 2014)

28. Read 50 Newbery or otherwise quality children books. (2/50)
29. Read 50 “grown-up” books. (50/50) (Lost count, but pretty sure I hit the 50 mark sometime over the last year of school...if books about leadership and learning count!)
30. Make a quilt out of my old t-shirts.
31. Take a arts/crafts course or learn to make something new.  
32. Tackle my pile of clothes that need to be mended.
33. Learn to use a camera beyond the automatic settings. 
34. Get a SLR camera. (5/2/11)
36. Learn to use photo-editing software.  
37. Take an html or computer class (outside of my masters work).    
38. Sew something pretty or useful. (December 6, 2011)
39. Re-memorize the major scales on the piano. (C, G, D, A, E)
40. Memorize the minor scales on the piano.
41. Master and memorize a challenging new piece on piano.
42. Take organ lessons.  
43. Help my grandma finish the quilt we started 7ish years ago.
44. Relearn how to play the guitar and keep playing.  

45. Make my own pasta from stratch. 
46. Make homemade cinnamon rolls.
47. Grow tomatoes, herbs, or something simple that I won’t be able to kill. (6/4/11- Basil Plants)
48. Get a food processor. (12/25/11)
49. Clean out kitchen junk drawer. (12/11)
50. Cook with 5 foods I've never cooked with from the farmers market. (1/5- Peaches, _________, _________, ________, __________) 
51. Meal plan on a weekly basis.  
52. Organize recipes.
53. Become comfortable with cooking on the grill. (Summer 2011)  
54. Give up Diet Coke for a month. (June 24 - July 24, 2011)
55. Make homemade bread for sandwiches.
56. Make daily vitamins a habit.  

57. Put up fence up in the backyard.
58. Finish organizing papers in study. (7/8/11)  
59. Sell, donate, or move treadmill.
60. Buy dresser for bedroom.
61. Clean out my trunk. (7/13/11)  
62. Establish a weekly housework schedule. (1/12)
63. Organize toolboxes. (4/10/12) 
64. Print pictures for frames.  
65. Get prints framed.
66. Make my study into a nursery. (March/April 2012)
67. Plant flowers in front of house(1/30/11 and again!- 6/4/11)
68. Put something, anything on the walls in our bedroom. (6/5/11) 
69. Clean out and recycle my old computer.
70. Organize pictures/mementos. (Actually started "scrapbooking!"- 7/9/11)
71. Go through all make-up/beauty products/medicines (since I’m pretty sure I still have some eye shadow from 10th grade).
72. Get a fire-proof box for important documents. 
73. Organize attic. (Spring 2012, Again- Summer 2014)

74. Organize the second annual Farmers Market Run. (Race was 5/21/11)
75. Attend Girls on the Run training.  (2/5/11)
76. Send 10 care packages to friends or family.  (3/10)
77. Go on at least one girls trip.  (Taylor's Bachelorette Party to Savannah & Erin's to Charleston)
78. Shop at the Farmers Market throughout the whole season.  
80. Mail cards or bake for people on my Sonlight list. (Not on session anymore.)
81. Coach a Girls on the Run team. (Race was 5/21/11)

83. Tweak budget. (1/12)
84. Keep a prayer list. 
85. Listen to 4 books on tape.  (1/4)
86. Give blood again. 
87. Go skiing again.  
88. Reread the Bible.  
89. Go to the state fair again. (10/23/11)
90. Actually keep up with and remember to use coupons.
91. Travel to a state I’ve never been to before.  
93. Meet savings goal 1.
94. Meet savings goal 2.
95. Finish moving all our CDs in iTunes.
96. Get pregnant.
97. Take a trip to the mountains and go hiking.  
99. Have a computer-free day or evening once a week.  (I may have to start this after grad school graduation.)
101. Get new glasses. (July 2013)

Ideas and inspiration from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and there.  And plenty of other places as well.  

Beyond the 101 in 1001...
Every now and then I'll have an idea or see something amazing that someone else is doing and say, "Oh I'd love to do that someday!"  But I think I've got plenty to keep me busy for the next 1001 days.  So these are more of "Bucket List" items as I think of them....

1. Run a Disney Race.
2. Complete a half ironman.  (We'll see about the full after that.  That's more biking than I really want to contemplate.)
3. Run a marathon on another continent.  
4. Go to Running Camp!  (Maybe I have issues that I still want to "go to camp" as an adult, but this sounds like so much fun to me!)