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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why is Running So Much More Appealing When You Can't Run?

Even though running was not hurting my knee, common sense told me that taking a couple days off might help it feel better in between runs.

After 2 days of no running and no Jillian Michaels, my knee is feeling better. It didn't bother me at all at swim lessons today and I thought I might be cured.

So, tonight, when it's gloriously 78° instead of the 98° it's been for the past week, I thought I'd head out for a easy run- sans Garmin, even! A quarter of a mile in, my knee spoke up. Not a yelp of pain, not a cry of agony, but just a whisper, "Watch it. I'm not happy about this."

Which was enough to make me listen. I have been lucky enough over the past 5 years to have no injuries to speak of- even through training for 2 marathons, 4 halfs, 4 triathlons, and a 275 day running streak.

I'm not pushing my luck. If my knee whispers- I listen.

The runner I saw as I walked shamefully back to my house after my pitiful running attempt seemed to mock me as he glided by. Suddenly, I desperately want to run. Isn't that always how it works?

I'm kind of frustrated because I was starting to feel like I was on the right track again after a complete fitness FAIL for the month after the marathon. I had actually completed a week of The Shred, for goodness sake! I was on Level 2!

I understand that in the grand scheme though- this is ridiculously tiny. Hopefully, after a week off, I'll be lacing my shoes back up! I'm going to keep moving in the healthy direction by focusing on what I'm eating in the meantime. What do you do when you can't run?


  1. Seriously! I couldn't agree more with you! It's those days that I really just can't make it the gym or outside for a run that I really really want to be doing just that. I haven't had time to work out all week and it's the one thing that I've really been wanting to do! Ugh! Here's hoping this weekend is filled with running and workouts. Good luck with your knee. Take care of 'em!

  2. Injuries can be such a bugger! Unfortunately, I get really grouchy when I can't run and around Christmas time I was knocked down on my butt. Really, I couldn't even get up out of the bed, couldn't move, got really mean (sorry darling family). But as time went on, I healed and am back to running but I do still have a sensitivity in the hip that wiped me out. I have learned to listen to my body but to listen wisely not just out of fear of reinjury. I am trying to trust in my body again as I train for my first marathon in September. Good luck!

  3. Ugh I've only been in that situation one time - when I broke my foot last summer. For an entire month, I was very cautious of what I ate. It was awful. So sorry! I know your knee will be better soon!!! :0)