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Sunday, June 19, 2011

101 in 1001 Progress- Round 2

Because I am a math geek, I just calculated that I should have completed 20% of my 101 in 1001 goals so far. I'm at about 13%. You don't have to be a math geek to know that I'm behind.

Since my last check in, this is what I've finished:

16. Complete (grad school) portfolio.

17. Finish my master's degree.


33. Learn to use a camera beyond the automatic settings. (I'm still learning and will be for a while, but since I've figured out to shoot in manual, I think this counts.)

68. Put something, anything, on the walls in our bedroom. (Finally hung the Ikea canvas I've had for months over the bed.)

74. Organize the second annual Farmers Market Run. (Yay! Over 160 runners and walkers participated in the 5K or Kids Run. It's my sneaky little way of creating new running buddies.)

81. Coach a Girls on the Run team. (So proud of my 24 girls who completed training and the 20 who came and raced their first 5K!)

Even though I'm behind, I'm not that far behind and I have several "in progress" goals going. Since it's summer, I'm hoping I can roll through a bunch in the next couple weeks.


6. Finally, finally complete the 30 Day Shred. (Started 6/14/11)
7. Bring home my bike from my parents’ house.
26. Frame my diplomas.
32. Tackle my pile of clothes that need to be mended.
39. Memorize the major scales on the piano. (My high school piano teacher would be horrified to know that I've ever forgotten these. I think they're still there in muscle memory somewhere, I just need to bring them back to the surface.)
45. Make my own pasta from stratch.
46. Make homemade cinnamon rolls.
48. Get a food processor.
49. Clean out junk drawer.
52. Organize recipes.
53. Become comfortable with cooking on the grill.
55. Make homemade bread for sandwiches.
56. Make daily vitamins a habit.
58. Finish organizing papers in study.
61. Clean out my trunk. (Yes, I realize how pathetic it is that I have to make this a major life goal.)
62. Establish a weekly housework schedule.
71. Go through all make-up/beauty products/medicines.
95. Finish moving all our CDs in iTunes.
101. Get new glasses.

I know that's a pretty long list, but several of those are already in progress. There aren't any running goals listed that I think I can tackle right away, but I'm just going to keep plugging away to build back my endurance and speed. (Not that I had a lot of speed to begin with.)

What are your summer goals?

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  1. My summer goals include lots and lots of organizing of our house...decorating the office...running till my legs fall off...and copious amounts of beach time with some time spent around the fire pit with great friends thrown in!