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Thursday, June 2, 2011

26 Days of No Running Since 26.2

So there's my horrible confession.

Since my marathon on May 7th, my running has slammed to a halt. This happened right after my first marathon too and I swore it wouldn't again. If you've been reading a while though, you know better than to trust my fitness proclamations.

It's not that I was tired of the running. I hearts-and-butterflies-loved the marathon training this time (save just a couple rough runs) and didn't really feel burnt out at all. I just got busy with one thing (finishing grad school), and then another (Girls on the Run and the 5K I organize), and another (end of school testing- stress, anyone?), and it was just too easy to not make running a priority.

This week, however, is the start of a new era! Tuesday, I came home and didn't quite know what to do with myself. I had no papers to grade, my house was clean, and there weren't any assignments looming over me. I actually cooked a real supper with three(!) different vegetables, pork loin on the grill, and blueberry crisp. At my husband's request, I even made sweet tea for the first time. (Shouldn't I get some kind of Southern Woman badge for that or something?)

Today, though I finally took it one step further and broke my sloth streak. It was only 2 miles and when I counted up the days, it's been 26 days since the marathon, so that's good irony for you. Now, it's time to find some races! How are y'all keeping up in this heat?

(Despite its seeming unpopularity with 0 comments thus far, : ) I am going to stick to my 25+25+25+25 blogging plan and reveal another 25 list next! Either 25 running songs or 25 running tips.)


  1. Yay for your run! I know that feeling- things can pile up for sure and it can be difficult to get out there and run, especially when you don't have a race coming up to train for. I haven't run regularly since my last race, though that is due to an injury, but it's tough to get back out there. Two miles is definitely an accomplishment.

  2. Way to get back on track! I remember taking a lot of time off after I did my marathon. I was burnt out from training and such!

    You totally need a Southern Girl medal for the sweet tea!

  3. That's great! Way to go, especially on the sweet tea!! :0)

  4. That's great!!!! And yes, your badge is in the mail!