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Saturday, October 10, 2009


So, I know it's Iowa and all, and it is October, but we have kind of been fantasizing about ideal running conditions. On the marathon website, they claim,

"You will likely experience a bit of a chill to the early morning air on race day. Average lows are in the lower 50's and highs in the upper 60's."

Sounds like pretty perfect running weather to me.

Which was why I was a little flabbergasted to log on to weather.com today to find:
Say what?! SNOW?! This was not advertised.

Luckily though, looking ahead, the weather is predicted to be in the 50s on race day....

....with a 56% chance of rain. This is not promising.

I'm not going to get too stressed about a 8-day forecast, but I will be checking up on the weather approximately 300 times between now and next Sunday.

In other news, my weekday mileage (and blogging) has been approaching zilch. Four new students, from another grade level, came to my class this week, and it has been a busy and challenging week. As anyone who has taught elementary school knows (and other people really can't quite fully comprehend) there is never any "down time." Even when students are working independently, there are more little hands and little questions and little nosebleeds and little disruptions to ever allow a moment of rest. When you squeeze another grade level of instruction in there, there is absolutely no wiggle room. Even though I'm going a hundred miles per hour all day long, I'm actually really excited about the two-for-one combo. I have a wonderful group of kids and the extra challenge keeps me on my toes and is forcing me to be ├╝ber-prepared/organized/time efficient. However, it's leaving me very little time for leisure activities, such as, say...training for a marathon. I'm getting in 10 miles before church tomorrow and then hopefully a few short runs next week. I'm hoping for a miracle for 26.2 in 8 days!

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  1. I can't imagine getting so many new students all at once in this point in the year. I don't think anyone but teachers realize how crazy the days are. There is never a moment that isn't busy. People in work in offices complain about the phone ringing too much, try having kids always coming at you.

    Good luck on your marathon next week!