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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life, Post-Marathon

The afternoon of the marathon, it was my knees and ankles that were screaming. Which was a little bit frightening to me; I'm used to muscles pain, but not feeling like my joints had been hammered repeatedly.

When I awoke yesterday morning (Can I just say that I'm incredibly glad we decided to NOT fly home the day of the marathon and NOT be at work the very next day? I can't believe I ever even thought that was a good plan.), however, my joints were fine. It was my incredibly tight Achilles tendons that almost did not permit me to leave the bed. I've never been sore there before, but had to continually stretch all day to just be able to walk.

Today, my quads are a little sore, but that's about it. There's little other evidence that I ran 26 miles on Sunday. My students were duly impressed (but kept asking over and over again, "What place did you come in?" and could not fathom how that was of no concern to me) and I showed them a few pictures. One or two co-workers asked how it went, but I'm not quite sure they even know how long a marathon is and I feel weird about going around making announcements about my mileage.

There's still papers to grade, laundry to fold, and no heat because we've been procrastinating about this whole heat pump thing. I've got pounds to shed from carb loading and bags to unpack.

At least I have the memory of triumph, crossing the line! Anybody else have post-race letdown?

Oh! By the way, they posted chip times and my official marathon time is 4:39:45. Which looks so much speeder than 4:41, right?


  1. My co-workers don't get running either. But I do love when my students are impressed when I run X miles. And then I can give them a hard time when they don't give their best effort on the mile run.

  2. I just remembered this. Last week one of our spelling words was mile. Friday during the test, the sentence I came up with was "My friend Rachel is running a marathon, a 26 mile race." They all were momentarily distracted from the test and were impressed.

  3. Being such a slacker mom, I love to brag about my running achievements.... that way everyone doesn't think I'm such a loser! Brag all you want and wear that medal to work! After all, you ran 26.2 miles! That's HUGE! When Hubs did a marathon, I was so proud of him and so proud of his accomplishment. I honestly think it was the most proud I had ever been of him. And that makes me in awe of every single person who has done one! Even those who walk them!

  4. I have been such a slacker bloggy friend, but CONGRATS on such an amazing accomplishment!! I would be singing that from the rooftops!