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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Treadmill's Other Job

Our treadmill is our bedroom and spends approximately 98.2 of its energy holding up enormous piles of my husband's pants. These clothes are in limbo: not going back in the closet and apparently not yet ready for laundry. He is very picky about these pants. So it is with great care that I move these (literally almost too heavy and awkward for me to pick up) stacks of clothes from the treadmill to the bed when I run.

You may wonder why I've been running on the treadmill for days in a row when...
a. I hate the treadmill
b. I almost always only run the obligatory 1 mile when on the treadmill because of "a."
and c. I must wrestle with these piles of dress pants.

It's because I'm very easily distracted by vacuuming under the couch/making pot roast/Oprah/sitting on the porch with visitors/pretending to take care of our vegetable garden/generally anything else until suddenly it's dark! You would think I would catch onto this whole "get dark at night thing." Maybe tomorrow.

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