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Monday, May 18, 2009

I forget how much I love music.

As lame as that sounds, I really just kind of forget about music for long periods of time. I'm pretty used to silence. I grew up without a TV and don't really need that background noise (In fact, I find that it really distracts me and leads me to sit down and watch Oprah while my new kitten sleeps in my lap instead of whatever it was I started out to do.) My car radio has some kind of infection which causes it to play only 3 stations at ear-crushing volume. My husband is greatly amused by my ability to just work in silence for hours.

The thing is though, I love music. Even when I'm tremendously, overdramatically stressed out and overwhelmed, my favorite music (either listening to it or playing it) makes me feel instantly better. As does running. And the two together are amazing for me. So it's pretty ironic that I forget about my iTunes and piano for days at a time and have to have grand schemes of daily runs to keep me running. Oh well. Maybe this summer when I don't have the pesky matter of a 50+ hour/week to get in the way I'll get it together.

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