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Sunday, May 17, 2009

April (well, May) Showers Bring...

Today was another treadmill day, but this time for good reason. It has been pouring most of the day. We came home this evening after being gone for most of the afternoon and I was glad to see we remembered to leave the porch light. Last night, we didn't, and came back late to find a slushie thrown against our door. Which kind of makes me laugh when I type it. (We live steps away from the high school, so we're at much higher risk for random acts of teenage stupidity.)

Tonight, when we came up on the porch out of the rain, we saw something hiding around the rockers and, lo and behold, it was a kitten! I immediately assumed this was now my kitten and proceeded with milk bowls, ham slices, and carrying it around while my husband mumbled something about "doesn't have shots....probably infected with swine flu."

My Potential Kitten with Aforementioned Ham Slice

Probably, considering how friendly this kitten was, he has another home. I would not be surprised if he was gone in the morning after the rain has stopped. I would be disappointed though. I've been trying to convince my husband to let us get a kitten from one of my students for weeks, so maybe this is a sign.

Anyway, I'm way too excited about this than is natural and I really should go to bed.

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