Just to let you know- this blog is no longer active. I'll be keeping up my 101 in 1001 list until its completion, but will not be writing new posts. You can read the post below if you want the long version. Thanks for the journey to all my friends in the blogosphere!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to wear this.

I know I said I'd get back to my training plan today, but....I've been all over the place today getting ready for my trip home and haven't got out the door to run yet. Instead of getting in a run now and having to shower/make-up/dry-hair again before leaving, I'm just going to resign myself to a late night treadmill run. I'm going to a bachelorette party and probably won't get home until late, but my parents' treadmill is in the basement, so it'll be alright.

Speaking of this bachelorette party...I'm very excited to see Kelsey, the bride, and a few of my other friends from college. I recieved the invitation about a month ago in the mail and was so glad that I would be able to attend. What cracks me up though is the follow up email about the party that I recieved last week:

"I forgot to include one vital piece of info in the bachelorette invitation... The party is going to have a Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes theme."

I have no idea whatever happened to my high school tennis outfits and I'm not sure they quite qualify as "tennis hoe" appareal anyways, so I dug through my closet for an outfit. The best thing I could come up with is my running skort, some random top, and heels. This makes me laugh just thinking about the combination. It's pretty ridiculous and I'm definitely packing it and putting it on when I get there (as opposed to driving halfway across the state in that get-up).


I'll let you know.


  1. It's probably going to look more normal than you think! : ) Enjoy!

  2. LOL! please take photos. must see everyone's outfits.