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Friday, June 5, 2009

Where/What/When to Run

As I count down the last 1.5 days of teaching and 3 workdays, I can see summer and sanity on the horizon! I didn't work last summer but I was all over the state wedding planning, attending pre-wedding events, moving (twice), getting a new job, getting married, etc. So, I'm extremely excited about the approaching two months!

I've been formulating a list in my mind for months of things I need/want to do, but just have not been able to do during the school year. (The kids may leave at 3 [or 4, or 4:20, depending on tutoring] but it's rare for me to get back to town before 5 and I'm usually dragging a bag of schoolwork with me. Maybe, year three of teaching will be a LITTLE less time-consuming.) Here's the ones I can think of now...

1. Take the kitten to the vet
2. Get my hair cut
3. Go the dentist
4. Go to the eye doctor
5. Take back the broken fan
6. Hang pictures
7. Cook real meals on a consistent basis!
8. Make headboard and possibly paint bedroom
9. Read!
10. Organize my husband's study
11. Scrapbook/organize wedding photos and memorabilia

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDD....the only one thing that truly is relevant to this blog:

12. Really RUN!!!!!!

I've been checking out runs and triathlons for this summer and fall and want to make some commitments (i.e. dropping some cash on registrations fees) for races. It's was a lot easier to find races when I lived with my running mom and sister within an hour of several medium to large cities within a 45 minute radius.

In my new married life, I live with my husband who really cannot (yet) get jazzed up about getting up early to run on a Saturday. And also, there is that little detail of being about one hour from ANY city that recognizes the need for 5Ks. I am undaunted, however, and will be making some race announcements soon! Depending on the success on the next few weeks, there might be some exciting races for the fall!

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  1. Too bad your so far from the racing circuit. That said an hour drive will be worth it. I live in a big city and it still takes a hour to get anywhere .. lol