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Monday, June 29, 2009

Planning Ahead

I LOVE some types of planning. I love planning events: parties, showers, weddings, etc. Sometimes, I get really obsessively wrapped up in planning lessons and activities for my students. What I'm not really into, however, is the type of day-to-day planning that makes life in general run smoothly. It's not that my life is running off the tracks or anything, but I could probably use a little more structure. So I'm not doing things like running on the treadmill a few minutes before midnight, going to the grocery store twice in one day, or locking my keys in the car twice in one week. Actually, I doubt any amount of planning will ever keep me from repeatedly locking myself out of vehicles/homes/school trailers.

I've been using my summer break so far to get caught up and really feel quite accomplished with all the little things I've done so far. None of these events are really great feats, but they were simply not happening during the school year.

I've already got my hair cut, been to the dentist, scheduled an eye appointment, took the kitten to the vet, deep cleaned (most of) the house, got my car inspected, renewed my car registration, weeded and fertilized the garden, started my marathon training, washed pretty much every stitch of clothing in this house, and a done a few little other things here and there.

My Runner's World Marathon Plan outlines what I'm going to run every day, but I'm going to try and go the extra step and plan ahead for where and when. Even though I wasn't feeling real jazzed about it right when I got up, I went ahead and hit the road because I knew it was only getting hotter. Three minutes in, I was so grateful. So, since this is Week One of my sixteen week schedule, I think I should start some routines to keep me on track. Each week, I'll post my training "plan" on Sunday or Monday (yes, I realize that already puts me behind on this week) so I can look ahead and avoid late night long runs on the treadmill.

*If you have this month's RW (Runner's World) and see the plan, you have an idea of what I'm doing. The "First Timer" modificiations for the their plan are reducing the Sunday long runs by 2 miles each week (building only to 20, instead of 22), just doing 3-4 miles on Wednesdays and Fridays instead of the quality runs, and rest on Saturday.*

Monday (Yesterday)
Walked/Ran with Justin, got in at least 2 miles of running

Tuesday (Today)
4 Miles, Morning to Track and Back

RW says "hills" but I'm yet to find the hills in this county. I'm going to do 3-4 miles in the evening. I'll look for hills. : )
Day 2 of JM (Jillian's Michael's "Making the Cut")

RW and JM says "rest" so it's just one easy mile in the evening.

Easy 4 in the morning
Day 4 of JM

1 mile, first thing
Day 5 of JM

5 miles before church

Okay, so maybe I'm not ready to plan where yet, but there's when at least.

Hold me to it!

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