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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running = Sanity

School's out and I'm almost letting myself feel a little relieved. I'm plowing through backlogged paperwork, grad school assignments, and housekeeping this week. I've made one appointment on my list. (Ironically, it is the one for the kitten, instead of me.)

Even though my mileage is not up yet, I'm definitely reaping the benefits of my daily runs. I have more energy and patience (except perhaps with my students in the last days of school), less stress, and I just feel generally happier when I run regularly.

Apparently, I'm one of the those people that have to learn the same lesson over and over again. Even though I know all the benefits of running and almost always feel instantly better after a run, I forget at least weekly. There are some days that I just do not want to get my lazy self in my running shoes and out the door. That is why I greatly benefit from a regimented program such as: run every day.

I realize that this is not a particularly practical goal and obviously not sustainable over a lifetime. I think it is possible, however, for me to run for 365 days in a row. Just for the heck of it. Just to prove to myself that I can. When I tried this two years ago I made it for 9 months. I really, really do not want to get that close again and not make it, so I'm very committed to this goal.

So, in conclusion, I'm running to accomplish an impractical (albeit attainable) goal and the side effect is a happier, less stressed, healthier me. Maybe, over time, it will even lead to a slightly smaller me. That is very purposefully not my primary goal, but it would be nice if my behind was compatible with my shorts once again.

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  1. I just found you blog and absolutely love it. Hope you don't mind a new follower--I'm a runner, too! Or, well, I at least attempt :)