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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sounds of Nature = Slow

This morning I met up with my running club (still makes me excited to say that!), but a lot of people are out of town, so it was just me and another girl. It was really great to have someone to run with though and we got in a pretty brisk (for me) 3 miles.

She was done for the day so I kept trucking to get in 2 more for my "long" 5-miler. I didn't have my iPod because I had been running with her, and after about 0.3 of a mile by myself I realized I never run without music or talking anymore.

I didn't give into the whole iPod thing until late 2007, but I've gradually adjusted to running with music every time I head out alone. So it seemed a little eerily quiet without it today.

Which is what I blame my walking at least a mile of my run on.

I like hearing the birds and watching for squirrels and being "one with nature" and all that, but it really just makes me want to be slow and lazy. (It may have had something to do with me still being really out of shape too....)

I'll be getting the iPod back out tomorrow.

Do y'all run with music all the time, part of the time, or never? Maybe I'll FINALLY post my 25 Running Songs tomorrow!


  1. I don't when I am outside just because my dad is an ex-cop and has made me see the danger in even the most benign activites. ;) On the treadmill, however, it is a MUST.

  2. ALL THE TIME. I need a soundtrack to run to, and I hate hearing myself breathe.

  3. Sometimes I run with my IPod. I agree with Casey, though, I think about the time of day I am running and the risks (dark, unfamiliar, traffic, etc.) and then usually only wear one ear bud. In the mornings, I love running music-less; the sounds of the world waking up are awesome!