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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Half Marathon Training Plan- Finally!

After a ridiculously hot and ridiculously low mileage summer, I'm really ready for a fall training plan.

I've decided to just go for a half this fall instead of a full marathon. Part of me is really, really wiggling to go 26.2 again, but I'm going to be practical this time and do a close-by, familiar 13.1 course. It's Battleship Half Marathon, round 3!

This course was my first half in 2004 and my PR in 2007. I would LOVE to break that PR and think I might have it in me if I get serious right soon. (Sidenote: I was run-streaking when I got that PR. At that point, I had been running daily for around 6 months. Maybe that's my best chance for getting back in shape?)

Inspired by L and her fancy marathon training plan, I whipped up my own in Excel for the first time. (I have been using a layer on my Google Calendar, but Google Calendar and I are not agreeing with each other as of late.) I was loosely following this plan because I liked that you got a 15-miler in there.

So, this is what I have in mind:

I included the triathlon swim I'll be doing in September and the one I might be swimming in October, but there may be a few little 5Ks sneaked in there too. If I actually keep up with it, this will be the best trained I've ever been for a half marathon, so the PR could be in reach.

Excited for fall training! Hopefully, the weather will be cooperating soon too! How do y'all make your training plans?

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  1. Looks like a great plan!!! I usually plug it into runner's world and combine that plan in with my old ones.