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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Headaches after long runs?

Quick question: Do any of y'all get headaches after long runs? I don't remember having this problem last training cycle, but it's been a routine the past few weeks.

I'll run in the morning, feel fine all day, and then out of nowhere get a headache about 9:00 pm. It happened several times in a row before I figured out the pattern. Mostly, they haven't been that bad.

Saturday evening though, after my rough 20 miler that morning, I got a headache that hit me hard. I took Tynenol PM and it knocked me out, but my head was still throbbing all day Sunday and even Monday morning.

I asked my good friend, Google, and he said I might not be hydrating enough. I drink a lot while I'm running but I guess I'm probably not drinking enough afterwards. (I'm definitely eating enough- so don't worry about that.)

What do y'all think? Have you ever had this problem?


  1. I haven't had this problem! Sorry! Hope yours stops!! Headaches are no fun! :0/

  2. not always after long runs, but i do get really bad headaches after a hard effort - i always got them after i raced cross country 5Ks! i think the ones i get post-long run are usually related to dehydration though....like you, i drink enough during the run, but not enough after!

  3. When I was training for the half in the fall I would get bad head-aches in the afternoon after running. I felt mine was definitely dehydration. I drank after running but NEVER enough.

    Thanks for the email reply back. Things will workout for each of us, in the long run.

  4. I get headaches after my long runs too.
    Be sure to drink enough BEFORE your run too. When I have a long run scheduled for Sunday, I'll be sure to drink enough starting Friday. Good luck!

  5. I do get headaches after long runs sometimes. ahem...always if I have an alcoholic drink after a long run (dinner time)--which happens more often than not. Otherwise, it's not drinking enough after the run that's always the culprit.

  6. I do get headaches after long runs but not every time. Usually if I push the pace hard or don't get enough water in during the run then the head is pounding!