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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That

I feel like I am so all over the place lately. I have been thinking of a million things I want to get down on paper or up on the blog, but get so distracted every time I sit down at the computer. (Which could be an entire blog post on its own!)

So welcome to my scattered brain today!
  • After 12 fabulous miles Saturday, running during this week has been a total FAIL. It's funny how it works like that.
  • Girls on the Run started last week and I'm in love with my team of 25 little runners! There are 3 other teachers coaching with me and we have such a good balance of personalities and strengths. I could ramble on, but it really deserves its own post.
  • Times just got posted from the 10K (the second half of my Saturday run) and I'm thrilled that my official time was: 59:29.2! Garmin told me I didn't quite make it under an hour, but I'll take the shorter time. : )
  • I recently found out a friend from my church is running the half marathon at New River where I'm running the marathon, which is completely amazing and random since the race is almost 5 hours away.
  • You think this is a scattered brain dump? I'm contemplating a "100 facts" list if I hit 100 followers. (Really, how have you made it this far without learning that my favorite childhood sandwich was peanut butter and Rice Krispies or that I once accidentally drove a hitchhiker from one crackhouse to another in the middle of the night?!)
  • EVERYBODY is having babies lately. Congratulations tonight to Jonathan (my childhood friend who I always wished was my big brother) and his wife Brittany as they just now welcomed their baby girl into the world!
  • It's time to welcome Jillian Michaels back into my life. Oh, and not eating like it's my last meal- every. single. meal. I lost 10 pounds last fall without trying at all (due to crazy, constant stress over a million things and not having a minute to breathe) and since then have gained each pound back. Frustrating.
  • Planning the Farmers Market Run has been so, so, so much easier this year since it's the second year. I've GOT to block off some time for my least favorite part of the process though- fundraising. Luckily, businesses here have been very supportive and we don't have a lot of costs to worry about. Even when I know someone's going to say yes, even when it's for a great cause, I still don't like asking people for money.
  • How did I ever train before my Garmin? That's a whole 'nother post too.
  • It's Lent. I used to give something up every year and was thinking about doing so this year, but our preacher urged us to instead take something up that would bring us closer to God. I'm spending more time in prayer.
  • And with that, I probably need to put the laptop up for the night.

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  1. I am so interested in starting a group here for Girls on the Run! I was set and ready to start one last year in my previous school. This year I am just getting my feet wet but maybe next year!