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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rain Check

So, about 0.78 miles into my 10 mile run, the rain clouds I thought (in all my meteorologic wisdom) were moving away, rolled in. Big time. Luckily, I was running by a strip mall at the time and was able to duck under the awning and clock a quarter of a mile running back and forth between the pay phone and the FedEx box. Hence the "being the crazy running lady" tag.

Well, it transitioned from a torrential down pour to just a steady sprinkle and I thought I could stick it out. And I really think I could of if a) I wasn't still a little sick, b) it was 80 degrees instead of 60, c) my husband didn't know I was out in this mess, d) the wind was blowing, and e) I wasn't encumbered with my iPod and Garmin which I would devastated to lose due to something as preventable as water damage.

As it was, I realized at less than 2 miles that this wasn't such a hot idea and headed home.

Check back with me tomorrow.

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  1. Ugh, I don't do well in the rain. I melt, I swear. It's cuz I am so sweet :)