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Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 6 of Marathon Training

I've been slightly off my Runner's World marathon training schedule for the past two weeks, but I'm still really pleased with my progress. Without even planning to, I accomplished a past goal I had almost forgotten: to run from the pool (where I used to lifeguard) home.

My mom and I wanted to get in a long run and didn't want to go out and back. (Sometimes I get wimpy on out and back runs and just want to turn around early.) We had this great plan that my sisters would drive us to town and dump us out of the van. Then we'd run home. So we got on g-map pedometer and mapped out our course and it just happened to start on the road of the pool. So, there we were dumped, and we ran. It was hot and hilly, but through some really beautiful backroads. It's so flat where I live now that I was enchanted with the little valleys, hills, and creeks we encountered.

So, we're officially up to half the distance of a marathon! The real excitement though, is that I'm not (that) sore today! My quads are a little tight, but didn't bother me at all on my run. When the two of us ran a half marathon (for which I didn't train) in February, I was crippled for days. It was pathetic.

Anyway...here's the plan for this week. (Yes, I am starting over again with Making the Cut.)

1 mile, ran this morning

2 miles, evening
JM Making the Cut Day 1

4-5 miles, evening
JM Day 2

1 mile, evening
JM Day 4

3-4 miles, morning
JM Day 5

1 mile, morning

4-5 miles, evening (My Runner's World said no long run this week and I'm not going to argue with the experts!)


  1. I really need to have someone drop me off like your sister did. Running back and forth adds to the sense of "How much longer?".

  2. i totally agree! i love just running to a destination (or being dropped off and running back) and not having to turn around!!


  3. I never argue with The Plan either. No need to over-do it. They know what they are talking about! Mixing up the route is so good for your mental game in running. Keep it up!

  4. I ran the DSM in 2007 and really liked it. The course is so beautiful in the fall.