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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's a pretty pathetic start.

It was a beautiful hot day. So hot, in fact, that I decided to wait until this evening to run. It would be really rude to run off though when you have visitors (who you really enjoy visiting with because we don't get many visitors anyway) to come by and sit on the porch on such a beautiful evening. We had such a lovely time with our guests that it became dark before I ever located my running shoes.

So, as early as Day Two, I met the treadmill. I just really, truly, honestly hate running on the treadmill. (This fact should motivate me to actually get my lazy self out and run before 8 in the evening.) I really shouldn't complain though; last year, in Siler City, I had no treadmill and very often did not get home from school until dark. Which means I spent many a workout literally running around (sometimes the exterior, sometimes the interior) of my duplex...which, I'm pretty sure, makes me a huge dork.

Anyway, I realize two days of only one mile is pretty pathetic. I'm looking forward to a real (non-treadmill!) run tomorrow!

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