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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Short Term Marathon Training?

In December when I started running again, I had a March 20th marathon in mind. Which would have worked out beautifully, because it was just in time to start my 16 week training plan. Then, it got cold and snowed and my marathon partner was out of commission for a few weeks and I thought we had just bagged the idea of a March marathon.

I've been googling around for weeks, but never really found a April or May marathon anywhere even kind of close. (My sister did find the "Broken Ankle Trail Marathon" but anything that has an injury reference in the title does not make my list. Also, this will be my friend's first marathon and I don't think I'm quite ready for 26.2 on trail.)

This week, my friend called me to report she just ran 7 miles and did I want to get back on track for the March marathon?

I'm really excited because I'd love to run it with her. We were roommates in college and did a lot of working out together. We ran a half marathon together and I'd love to do this race too. We both realize this is a late start to get really get going on marathon training, but she said she would be fine with walking part of it- as long as we finished.

Soooo....this race is 2 months away. I'm going to see how far I can go on Tuesday and if I can hit 8 or 9, I'll feel a lot better. Then I'll actually register.

Anyone have any short term training ideas or plans?


  1. Just do it. If you feel capable, unless you hurt yourself, you will be capable. So go out and run as far as you can to see how far ahead you can jump in your training.

  2. Awesome! I'm glad your friend is willing to run! Best of luck with training! :0)

  3. It does sound ambitious, we normally advice that you get at least 10 weeks of training to be reasonably prepared...just have a realistic goal and you should be fine...that is if you can run (without missing too many days between now and the race) you should be able to get across the line. Don't push the training too much as you will risk an injury...If you would like a few tips we have a little website that might help you out. (http://www.marathon-trainingschedule.com) Cheers and have fun. Scott