Just to let you know- this blog is no longer active. I'll be keeping up my 101 in 1001 list until its completion, but will not be writing new posts. You can read the post below if you want the long version. Thanks for the journey to all my friends in the blogosphere!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Running is my reset button.

Sunday afternoon, planning to go back to work after a two week break, I was not happy. Even though I missed my students, I dreaded getting back into the daily grind of early rising, paperwork, and busyness. It was making me a grump.

I had no desire to go running. None. at. all. I KNOW that I feel better when I run, but without a concrete goal, it's just so hard to get my lazy self in my shoes and out the door.

Since it was only January 2, however, I knew in my heart that it was little early to give up on New Years resolution. So I laced up.

Before I even got to the end of the block, I felt a million times better. It was beautiful out, and I was on my feet and had music in ears. By the time I hit 1 mile, I was starting to get excited about going back to school the next. When I hit the 2 mile mark (McDonalds, ironically) and turned around to end home, I was in my happy place.

It is absolutely amazing how much better I feel when I run. And it is even more amazing how ridiculously resistant I am to getting out the door.

Running is my reset button. Ninety-five percent of the time, it takes me from grumpy/frustrated/stressed/pity partying to normal/happy/perky in less than 2 minutes. Why do I ever hesitate to push the button?


  1. I wish I could capture the wonderful feeling I get when I run, to whip out when I'm "not in the mood."

  2. it never fails to amaze me how much better i feel after exercise

  3. Yeah, just getting out the door is the trick!

  4. I just got back to work after Christmas break and I feel so unorganized! I travel from one school to another and I feel like I don't have all my stuff in place. It was awful! I spent my nights trying to get stuff straighten out to see all my kiddos the next day and when 5:00 a.m. rolls around, I have NO desire to go run. Thank goodness I have 2 other people running with me. If not, this week would have been a running flop!

  5. I am with Christina...a peer group keeps me honest!

  6. You're so right - it's just getting out that door that's the hard part.
    I start to get into that good running place after about 3 miles. I hate that it takes so long to get into a flow but at least it happens.

  7. I so agree. Why don't I just drag my ass out of bed more often?!?!?!