Just to let you know- this blog is no longer active. I'll be keeping up my 101 in 1001 list until its completion, but will not be writing new posts. You can read the post below if you want the long version. Thanks for the journey to all my friends in the blogosphere!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I wasn't entirely sure if I'd be making a blogging comeback, but I'm ready to run again! And I couldn't possibly do so without recapping each mile here, correct?

The past four months or so have been, um, intense. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when people complain about things they willingly took on and I try to keep that in mind for myself as well. That said, I've tried not to grumble TOO much lately because I'm the one who overbooked myself, but I definitely have not been the most fun person to be around lately. I've pretty much been a grumpy workaholic for the whole semester. It's been early mornings, work, classes, papers, readings, assignments, grading, working through the weekend, paperwork, thesis work, contract work, and other obligations every way I turned. I felt like each time I came up for air, something grabbed my ankle and pulled me back under.

That was all I could see on the horizon because next semester was looking about the same. Which would mean- no running; more grumpiness; less time getting to enjoy my wonderful students I have this year; further neglect of my husband, family, friends, and home; and another five months of having that "crazy lady" look. It just wasn't worth it.

After a few days of soul searching, googling, and conversations with people who know what they're talking about, I decided to switch my degree from M.S. to M.Ed., drop 6 hours of classes, and abandon my thesis.

And just like that, I could breathe again.

And run again.

Two miles today! Training for marathon #2 is underway!


  1. Glad you feel like you can breathe again! I'm sure that's a wonderful feeing! :0) Glad your schedule isn't so crazy anymore!

  2. I can definitely understand that overwhelmed-but-I-did-this-to-myself feeling. I am so glad you are feeling more in control...and that you are back!!