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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Running with ID

How many of y'all run with ID? I know that I'm supposed to, but that's just one of those things I haven't got around to yet. I don't know if I should spring for the real thing, or just cram an index card with my name and my husband's phone number in my shoe.

It kind of seems like a moot point here in my husband's (small) hometown though. If I were to ever fall off the sidewalk, not see an approaching car, or get attacked by a wild cocker spaniel, I'm pretty sure I know how it would play out...

Lady who discovers me on her power walk: Oh dear! Mary Jo, there's a fallen runner in the road! Call your nephew over at the fire department!

Mary Jo whips out her cell phone and the paramedics are quickly dispatched. Mary Jo and her friend wait with me (unconscious) for them to arrive.

Mary Jo:
Hmm, they say that that running is bad for you. Bad for your knees, too. My cousin's uncle that lived up North was all into that running mess and, bless his heart, died from a heart attack while he was running. It's unnatural, Thelma.

Thelma: Goodness, isn't she ________'s wife?

Mary Jo: I knew she was familiar! ________, from church is his mama. Call
Derb and have him get their number from the Presbyterian church directory. Let her know to meet us at the hospital.

By this time, the volunteer fire department paramedics have arrived and Thelma is on the phone.

Paramedic 1: Alright, what we got here? Oh! I've seen her before, but she's not from around here.

Paramedic 2: Oh yeah...she's married to ______________. Remember, I used to date his cousin in high school?

Thelma: Oh, you mean ________________. She's such a sweet girl, how's her daddy doing?

By this time, they've loaded me up in the ambulance and the whole town, including my husband, in-laws, friends, and church circle have been notified. It's a closed case.

So it seems a little silly to worry about being Jane Doe here, but I do occasionally escape from this small town. Maybe I'll order the Road ID after all.

*By the way, this is the post that I complained about Blogger eating a few days ago. The reason that I couldn't find it is because I started it as a draft many months ago and never finished. So when I finished and published, it posted back in August 2009. I just recopied it here. There's your tech tip of the day! (Although I'm pretty sure most of y'all could have figured that out before me.*


  1. I don't use an ID when I run, either. I also know that I should do it. It's important... but I just haven't done it yet. It seems like everything that I have read really seems to push getting an ID and using it. I know that I probably will do it soon.

    Your small town story was entertaining. It definitely made me laugh.

  2. My good friend was hit and killed by a vehicle while on a training run. While the police officer and ambulance driver had seen him running many times, they did not know who he was. Sometime later, his wife reported him missing and they made the connection. He was not wearing an ID. I have run with one for years and think everyone should.

  3. Too funny! I'm thinking everyone would know me "out here" as well.

  4. I refuse to get RoadID because I know I could identify myself in a much cheaper way. I haven't been running with ID, but I know I should. I am considering getting one of those engraved dog ID things at PetsMart and lacing it onto the the bottom lace of my shoe. Then I will have my name and contact info right on my foot.

  5. Wow, that is a small town.......

  6. Whatever you do, you should make sure to run with some ID.


    I was out for a run five years ago and I had a brain aneurysm. I had no prior health issues. I was about thirty years younger than most people who have one. You really never know.

  7. I never run with ID. I think I might be one of 3 Black Women who live in my town. I shouldn't be too hard to ID, but you're right. It is the right thing to do. I'll look into getting the road ID. I always have my cell phone, jsut in case. Does that count?

    I mean, I always make sure the dog his her license on her collar! I should have one too. HaHa!