Just to let you know- this blog is no longer active. I'll be keeping up my 101 in 1001 list until its completion, but will not be writing new posts. You can read the post below if you want the long version. Thanks for the journey to all my friends in the blogosphere!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Running Toys

Obviously, I haven't been a real consistent blogger lately...things have been busy lately (hmm...don't I always use that as an excuse? Don't let me pull that mess during spring break and summer!) but I have been doing my normal poking around on your blogs over my cereal or between schoolwork.

And as per usual, other bloggies are thinking of and/or writing things before I do! D.A.R. at Midwest Paradise just posted a really good review of some of her favorite running gear. I would love to do one of my own (and I'm putting on it on my someday-blog list), but I really need to get back to my grading pile.

So, I'll ask you, what are your favorite running or workout items? If you have a Garmin, give me your opinion on that too! I have never been big on timing and watches and all that and kind of thought a Garmin would drive me crazy. (I have to cover the dash on the treadmill with a magazine, but I keep peeking and it seems like the miles go sooooo slooow. I wonder if the Garmin would be the same?) Lately though, especially hear other people sing their praises, I'm starting to comtemplate. Especially with my birthday coming up! : )


  1. On the Garmin, I just got mine maybe about a month ago, and so far I love it! Yes, for the first few runs, I was constantly looking at it, but now I occasionally look at it so I can gauge my average pace. It has really helped me in the end being able to look at where I slow down the most, now i know that I need to train harder between the middle miles in order to meet my overall pace...great tool! My favorite though, is knowing the distance. I used to have to clock all of my runs in my car, which really limited my routes. Now, I can just park and go, and know when to turn around! AWESOME!

  2. Ahh sorry for stealing your blog fodder :) But, please post your own!! I mean, I need more shopping ideas like a hole in the head, but I love hearing what other people love!

    And as for the garmin? I thought I would hate it (hmm, just like my iPhone that has become like another appendage because I love it so freakin' much). But I love the numbers aspect of running. I love looking at my exact distance, being able to break my runs down mile by mile afterward, being able to peak down mid-run and make sure I'm not going out too fast (seriously this is my biggest problem, controlling myself in the beginning!), etc. I love the GPS on it more than anything because I can just RUN. I still plot out my routes on my long runs beforehand, but I don't have to do a drive-through and make sure I know the mileage. Gary just tells me :)

  3. love love love my garmin!! i do look at it very often but it's different than being on a treadmill looking down every 2 seconds (at least for me anyway). i definately recommend!!

  4. Like d.a.r., my Garmin is second only to my iPhone on my list of gadget loves. (I have the Forerunner 405.) You can set alarms on it for heart rates (if you don't want it to get too high or if you want to keep it above a certain level)...or for mileage (if you want to go out so far and turn back). It tracks everything about your run. I've found the elevation isn't very accurate in my area, but I live in a valley. I wouldn't run without it!!! As far as running gear, I'd rank it right up there with shoes!!!