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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The toenail is not going to make it.

I was terrified of loosing my toenails when I started my marathon-training runs last year. I can deal with a lot of painful, gross, and unpleasent things, but I'd really rather keep my toes intact. All the marathons I talked to (or read the blogs of), though, acted like losing your toenails was a sacred and necessary rite of passage. As if you couldn't complete 26.2 without sacrificing one of those little nails.

Fortunately, then I made it through the training and marathon with all ten of my little piggies and their nails. Unfortunately, now I'm incapable of walking around my house without shoes and managed to trip in my own house and ended up bleeding through my sock. That combined with my sudden return to running does not bode well for my big toe.

I'm pretty sure the toenail is not going to make it.

Four miles today. It was supposed to be six, but darkness fell. Who knew? I'm still working on this planning thing.

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